Monday 27th : Hildegard Devuyst´s Thinking Box



First day for PENCCA In Da Box


After a great training with Mercedes Boronat, focused in released the tensions , activate our center, connected with breathing and our axis, we talk about the context of this meeting:

The difficulties for creators here in Andalucía

How in the first moment of this idea of thinking boxes, the response and trust of friends and creators made us believed that we could go for this: To set up a reflection residency upon the inspiration shots sent to us in mail boxes that would arrive by post.

We think in those creator, dramaturges , cultural agents that we admire and that emotion us: one of those is Hildegar Devuyst.

We talk that we want to do this residency as well to create new affections with creators of our same context, trying to go against the individuality that those difficulties bring as a first reaction. And we talk that we would like to put ourselves in a weak and fragile place to create this meeting from a different state, with more attention and listening attitude.

We talk about different lines we want to think about in this time and space:

Exponential culture and creativity ( as a connection /reaction to Singularity University happened this year in Seville)

The image of brain cartographies of sentiment in connection with the relations between different agents , places and circumstances that affect creativity; also about sentiment and perception as creative process

And also about the strategy of trying to follow many thinking lines in order to relax the expectations and tension and let the ideas flow and happen.

We talk quite a lot


In that conversation we talk about serendipity and intuition , devolution feeling and culture quite a lot.



Then we open the box and we find two elements: a letter (you can read in this entry) with suggestive instructions and «A Choreographer handbook » by Jonathan Burrows.

The book starts talking about how to begin writing the book.

The book starts talking about how to begin a choreography.

We are beginning this residency today and all start to make sense.

It seems as if when Burrows talks about the difficulties of starting a project he would talk directly to us referring also to the difficulties of beginning this residency.

So we start reading. The difficulties with English put ourselves immediately in the weak and fragile attitude we wanted to be.

We reflect about how would be the state of reading. How to be in the best state to communicate.

That transform the reading in something else, a parallel line of interest that brings a special atmosphere to us.

Than the book talks about serendipity.

And a lot of connections appear in the text , with what is happening, with what we have talked.

«If anyone has an idea, no matters how absurd can seems, he has to say it»

(to be continued)